Kongsberg Norcontrol's world class leading Management Information System Foresight is designed to manage the complexities of maritime operations via a simple and intuitive user interface.

The  Management Information System allows end-users to enter a broad spectrum of data, including information on voyages, vessels, resources, incidents, waste, security, and risk management. Already used by leading port authorities, coastal administrations, and offshore companies, it can seamlessly interface with any of our maritime surveillance systems, thus providing complete maritime surveillance or Vessel Traffic Management and Information System.

Kongsberg Norcontrol provides management information systems for port, coastal and offshore applications.



The Kongsberg Norcontrol Port Management Information System is designed to manage the complex needs of port authorities, from voyage planning, port resource allocation, incident and waste management, as well as port security and risk assessment. Utilising the same easy to use, web-based interface, it can be customised to support best practise process, managing the port's resources and interfacing to 3rd Party sources such as the Internet, VTS Systems, Finance and/or Human Resource software packages.


Streamlined to meet the demands of coast guards and coastal administrations, the Foresight Management Information System for coastal management includes:

  • Easy to use interface with selectable dark and light modes
  • Clear presentation display, including an innovative timeline view to clearly see the progress of voyages in relationship to each other
  • Time-saving report generator for past, present and future vessel movements
  • Ship database with an optional interface to Lloyds Fairplay or similar.


The Foresight Management Information System can be provided as Software as a Service. This benefits the end-user in several ways:

  • Centralised hosting: better data security and reduced IT support requirements
  • Hardware independent: access to the Management Information System anywhere at any time from any device with internet access and a browser
  • Improved integration of operations: data flows easily and smoothly between organisations and stakeholders
  • Reduced capital purchase and support costs mean a lower total cost of ownership

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