Foresight is Kongsberg Norcontrols inhouse developed software system for maritime domain awareness. Combine real-time tracks with historic data and predictive analysis to get a the complete maritime picture. the system is compliant with IALA VTS Standards, Recommendations, and Guidelines.

The Foresight system is designed using human-centric design (HCD) principles to ensure that the right information is provided to the operator at the right time for informed decision making.

Service-Oriented Architecture is the over-arching phrase to describe the interaction between the system modules and interfaces. Based on an MS Windows platform in an Open Virtual Environment and a Private Secure cloud, key technologies include Geographic Information System (GIS), Web Services (WMS, WFS) and the Data Distribution Service (DDS).

Today’s maritime domain awareness systems are rarely “closed” and typically need to interoperate with other systems such as financial systems, port management systems, incident management systems, external maritime intelligence unit databases, etc. As interoperability increases the risk of cyber-attacks, Foresight software has been designed to the quality assurance standard required by NATO (AQAP 2110 Ed 3 & Ed A Version 2).

The key features of Foresight are its open architecture, autonomous services and flexibility. Implementation of additional components will not change the basis of the system but will be a natural progression, with all information available in the same unambiguous manner for all users, without hazard.

As requirements, tasks and needs differ from operator to operator, Foresight provides the possibility of customizing the operating environment. if needed, each operator can create a unique workspace with tailored lists, dialogues, context menus, colour schemes and chart layers to meet his or her needs. Similarly, decision support tools are available to provide operators with highly configurable and specific alert areas and criteria for safety, security and efficiency.


  • Sensor agnostic
  • 2D and 3D views
  • Web and Mobile application
  • Logging & replay
  • Health monitoring
  • VTS simulator
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Earth observation sensors


  • World leading tracking, sensor fusion and decision support ensuring the right information provided to the operator at the right time
  • E-navigation ready
  • Interoperable with other surveillance systems and service providers

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