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Kongsberg Space electronics offers Command receivers and Telemetry transmitters targeting mainly GEO telecom Satellites. Key for both products is the inbuilt frequency flexibility, allowing in-orbit broad banded selection of receive and transmit frequencies.

Command receivers


  • CAN-Bus or Platform Specific Interface
  • In-Orbit Switchable FM/PM Mode
  • Excellent Interferer Immunity

Main specifications

  • Input Level Range: -50 to -112 dBm
  • Data: 250, 500, 1000, 2000 or 4000 bps on 8 kHz / 16 kHz subcarrier
  • 4 kHz to 100 kHz range tones
  • BER < 10-6 at telecommand threshold level


  • 14 in orbit
  • 15 for launch
  • 16 in progress

Telemetry transmitters


  • Phase modulation of ranging and telemetry signals
  • Digital or analogue video telemetry input
  • Beacon mode

Main specifications

  • Output power: > +27 dBm
  • Carrier Frequency Stability: ±4 ppm
  • Modulation Bandwidth: up to 1 MHz
  • High data-rate bi-phase modulation up to 1 Mbps


  • 45 in orbit, including beacons
  • 14 for launch
  • 6 in progress

Common Key Features

  • C-, X-, Ku-, K+ and Ka-band
  • Single or Dual or Flexible (Agile) Frequency
  • Wide Band In-Orbit Frequency Agility Range, up to 2 GHz bandwidth
  • Late and flexible On-Ground frequency setting
  • Reduced lead time using standard crystal oscillator frequency on-stock
  • Space Qualified to ESA and Multi-prime Environmental Requirements
  • Bus voltage range from 28 V to 100 V

Today accepted by major satellite operators and primes.

For Earth observation and Science missions, special products like X- and K-Band modulators are offered.

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