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The PROTECTOR MCT provides accurate firepower for wheeled and tracked combat/armored vehicles. The system is the first remotely operated turret to be qualified and fielded within the U.S. Army

The PROTECTOR MCT provides highly accurate firepower for wheeled and tracked combat/armoured vehicles. It is remotely controlled and operated from a protected position inside the vehicle compartment. The turret is accessed and reloaded from under armour.

The main armament is a 30mm or Super 40mm automatic cannon equipped with a linkless ammunition handling system for increased reliability compared to traditional link fed cannon systems.

The flexible structure of the system and built-in options makes it easy to tailor the system to specific customer requirements, including add-on systems like anti-tank missiles, active protection systems, shot detection systems and laser warning systems. It can be configured as a single-user system or a dual user system including hunter-killer capability.

The system is delivered with an advanced but intuitive user interface, that is common with already fielded PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Stations

Increased lethality

Provides precision target defeat and manoeuvre support out to ranges of 3,000 Meters. Through the KONGSBERG Integrated Combat Solution (ICS) the turret gains access to a number of enhanced lethality features like automated precision Hunter-Killer and target sharing between vehicles.

The turret shell can be tailored to meet customer-specific protection levels. The system is also delivered with an add-on interface that enables an easy upgrade to a higher protection level.

Fire control capabilities

Combat proven fire control based on fielded PROTECTOR remote weapon stations. The system automatically performs ballistic computation compensating for the lead angle, cant, tilt and vehicle motion, making targeting easier in the most challenging scenarios. Network-based fire control for remote operation of the platform.

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  • Highly accurate firepower in moving and static scenarios
  • First round select maximizes P-Kill
  • Area targeting with Programmable munition
  • Hunter/Killer
  • Enhanced lethality features through Integrated Combat Solution (ICS)
  • Linkless ammunition handling system
  • Reload from under armour
  • Low weight and profile
  • Single or dual user configurations
  • Network-based system architecture