Renewables/Offshore Wind

Kongsberg Norcontrol is a leading provider of surveillance and asset protection solutions for offshore wind installations. The system ensures safety in a defined area by having situational awareness of vessel traffic and providing logistical optimization for marine operations

Installing and operating offshore wind parks leads to a significant increase of vessel traffic in the surrounding area. To avoid unwanted incidents, a system for information handling and decision support is necessary. The ocean space monitored could range from port to the wind park.  

The Kongsberg Norcontrol offshore solution can provide real time data from various sensors such as weather and ocean data, Persons On Board (POB) module and CCTV cameras. Hence, our software is flexible and designed to fit multiple sensor and hardware manufacturers. 

Selected Technical Features

  • Advanced collision avoidance system with vessel notification 
  • log and replay of historical data (often used in incident investigations) 
  • Smart algorithm with prediction of future traffic data 
  • Abnormal behavior registering and alerting 
  • Automatic alerting to vessels and operator 
  • Geo fencing 
  • Deployment of virtual AtoN’s (aids to navigation) 
  • Vessel traffic analysis with periodical reporting and statistics 
  • Interface to 3rd party client defined systems as Bird Detection, People/Crew Tracking, Metoc,  
Jon Reiel Endal
Sales Manager Offshore Energy