Oil & Gas

Kongsberg Norcontrol is a leading provider of maritime surveillance systems for Oil & Gas installations worldwide. Each system is customized and configured according to the customer’s individual needs. Common to all of them are the purpose of ensuring asset protection and safety for offshore personnel. The system can also monitor and manage vessel traffic and detect incoming intruders or floating objects such as ice bergs and containers.

We can deliver solutions for monitoring the ocean space above subsea installations as pipes/cables and actively alert vessels with abnormal behavior. This is mainly to prevent anchoring and dredging, but is also used as a tool for traffic analysis.

 Key Features

  • Advanced collision avoidance system with vessel notification
  • Oil Spill Detection
  • log and replayof historical data (often used in incident investigations) 
  • Smart algorithmwith prediction of future traffic data 
  • Abnormal behavior registering and alerting 
  • Automatic alerting to vessels and operator
  • Geo fencing
  • Deployment of virtual AtoN’s (aids to navigation) 
  • Vessel traffic analysis with periodicalreporting and statistics 
  • Interface to 3rdparty client defined systems as People/Crew Tracking and Metoc  

Jon Reiel Endal
Sales Manager Offshore Energy