Illegal Fishing

Kongsberg Norcontrol’s is a leading provider of maritime security surveillance solutions for maritime security.


  • Quickly and efficiently capturing ship information
  • Dynamically assessing marine risk
  • Monitoring speed related to CO2 emissions
  • Enhancing environmental protection through reducing groundings and oil spills
  • Coordinating Search and Rescue (SAR) operations
  • Establishing a Maritime Operations Service
  • Improve security of the maritime domain and coastline
  • Detect vessels at long ranges
  • Identify and classify vessels
  • Highlight vessels of interest
  • Visualize land-based reaction forces with the maritime picture
  • Prevent ships from entering dangerous, sensitive, prohibited or restricted areas
  • Prevent illegal immigration, drug trafficking and smuggling
  • Detect oil spills with radar and/or satellite images
  • Integrate Blue Force Tracking
Pål Didrik Andersen
Sales Manager Maritime Security