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Kongsberg Norcontrol’s C-Scope solution for coastal VTS is typically used by national competent authorities such as Coastal/Maritime Administrations with responsibilities in environmental protection, safety and security in the coastal maritime domain. 

our C-Scope Coastal VTS solution enable coastal authorities to:

  • Organize traffic through traffic separation schemes
  • Keep overview of movement and manage mandatory reporting
  • Assist in search and rescue operations
  • Improve coastal security
  • Comprehensive recording and replay system
  • Anomaly detection 
  • Route planning
  • Identify causes of delays
  • Manage marine risk
  • Optimize utilization of resources
  • Visualize situations in 3D
  • Protect the environment
  • Comply with IALA VTS Recommendations
  • Comply with COLREGs
  • E-navigations services
Reidar Olsen
Senior Sales Manager VTS