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Inland Waterways

Kongsberg Norcontrol’s river information system C-Scope provides real time information for safe, accurate and efficient inland waterway transport.

Rivers present a unique challenge due to the broad and dynamic nature of the surveillance area, the need for more accurate vessel position data, and the wide variety of organizations needing access.

Kongsberg Norcontrol has developed a comprehensive River Information System designed to meet these challenges.

Primary features of the Kongsberg Norcontrol River Information System include:

  • World class radar video, detection, and tracking,
  • Highly accurate AIS coverage,
  • Integration of multiple sensors and track data sources,
  • Ship to shore electronic reporting data exchange,
  • Shore to ship notifications data exchange,
  • Data exchange with other river information systems,
  • Lock and bridge management modules,
  • Database applications for traffic planning and management,
  • Automatic chart updating,
  • Easy-to-use vessel prediction and ETA/RTA calculations,

Recording and replay of radar, AIS, voice communications, and other essential data

Reidar Olsen
Senior Sales Manager VTS