Share:Norspace wins equipment order from MDA

Horten, Norway 3rd September 2010 - Norspace AS has signed a contract with MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd (MDA) of Canada for delivery of frequency converter electronics for two satellites. The contracts call for delivery of all flight hardware in 2011.

Norspace won the contract following a competitive tender offering. A key selection criterion in favour of Norspace was strong product heritage. Norspace has recently supplied almost identical equipment to a European satellite prime contractor for a satellite to the same end customer.

Commenting on the contract award, Norspace’s President Sverre Bisgaard said: “We are very pleased to be selected by MDA to supply hardware for these two satellites. It is particularly encouraging to be selected by MDA, who represents an important new customer to Norspace.”

A key to the performance of the units to be supplied by Norspace is its in-house Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filter capability. SAW filters are one of Norspace’s specialties and a key building block in most of the company’s products. Norspace has supplied more than 14,000 SAW filters for use on board commercial satellites. Out of those, 8,900 devices are in operation on board more than 130 spacecraft in orbit. Accumulated, these devices have achieved an operating lifetime of more than 580 million hours. Millions of users around the globe receive or transmit their signals through Norspace’s SAW filters on board satellites.

Norspace and its predecessors have supplied SAW technology to all the major commercial satellite makers in the world, as well as to other equipment suppliers, either as stand-alone components or as building blocks in higher-level equipment.



Sixteen units are deliverable under the two-satellite Contract

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