HiPAP 452

High precision acoustic positioning system

Except for shortage of 6 of the advanced 32 channel Transmitter / Receiver Boards and Software, the HiPAP 452 system configuration is identical to the HiPAP 502. This means that the HiPAP 452 transducer is the same unit as the HiPAP 502, with its unique and advanced spherical transducer. It has the same amount of elements as the HiPAP 502, but only the 46 lower sector elements of the sphere are "activated" and in use.

5000 meter operating range

The HiPAP 452 uses medium-narrow "listening" beams of +/-15° for reception of signals from the transponder(s). For the interrogation of the transponder(s) a wide beam is used. The operating area below the vessel is 120 degrees, as with the HiPAP 352 system. The typical maximum operating range is 5000 meter, as for the HiPAP 352 system.

The HiPAP 452 uses standard cNODE transponder in the medium frequency band.

Easy upgrade

The HiPAP 452 system has the same operational and technical performance as the HiPAP 352 system, but it can be upgraded to full HiPAP 502 performance at any time. 

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