Sunken vessel RMA Leinster, taken using an EM2040-04 Dual RX on RV Celtic Voyager by INFOMAR.

Seafloor mapping

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The oceans that cover much of the Earth’s surface remain largely unexplored and have massive potential for scientific research and discovery. Our extensive range of highly versatile seafloor mapping products have advanced functionality for efficient exploration, mapping, visualisation and analysis of the sea bottom to unlock the secrets of the deep. These tools are complemented by the powerful Blue Insight platform for data processing and sharing via the cloud.

Seafloor mapping products are used to explore, map and visualise the ocean and sea bottom, with a modular design that makes them adaptable for varying configurations to suit different types of surveys.

These tools can be operated from any platform, making them ideal for exploring anywhere from the shallowest waters in ports and harbours to the deepest oceans.


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