HiPAP 602

Deep water acoustic positioning system

The HiPAP 602 system is an acoustic positioning system designed to provide extreme range and accuracy for positioning ROVs, AUVs and operate as a DP reference.

HiPAP system accuracy and capabilities

The HiPAP system achieves exceptional accuracy through unique signal processing techniques. By generating narrow transmitter and receiver beams in all directions within the lower half of the transducer, the HiPAP 602 large diameter multi-element planar array, combined with electronic beamforming, provides high precision and long-range capabilities. These features make it well-suited for deep water operations.

Compatibility and angular accuracy

HiPAP 602 is ideally suited for deep water seabed mining. It seamlessly integrates with the latest HAIN Subsea 7000 inertial navigation system, allowing fast calibration of sparse LBL arrays using the ROV box-in technique. The new HAIN user interface runs on the HiPAP system. Additionally, the increased angular accuracy of HiPAP 602 extends the range where SSBL (Super Short Base Line) can be used for construction survey operations before switching to LBL (Long Base Line) based on project specifications. AUV surveys operating in 6000m water depths also benefit from improved position accuracy.

Versatility and connectivity

The HiPAP system is fully compatible with medium frequency cNODE transponders and modems, with depth ratings ranging from 100m to 7000m. Its robust high-speed modem capabilities facilitate third-party control and data transfer to and from subsea sensors, AUVs, and Hybrid ROVs. Multiple link protocols efficiently package and transparently transmit data. Additionally, for long-range tow-fish tracking, the transducer can be equipped with a 30° tilt adapter. The HiPAP 502 shares modular construction principles with the new HiPAP 602, allowing easy conversion between the two systems by swapping transducers.

 The HiPAP 602 uses standard cNODE transponder in the medium frequency band.  

Key features

  • 7000m range capability
  • 560 Cymbal Wideband channels
  • Narrow receiver beams
  • Modem capability
  • SSBL and LBL positioning
  • Fast Track mode
  • Easy setup
  • Compatible with cNODE
  • HAIN Compatible
  • APOS Operator software

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