Acoustic positioning operating station for HiPAP and HPR

The HiPAP and the HPR systems are operated from the acoustic positioning operation station (APOS) - a computer with a Windows based operating software. The systems can be operated from one single APOS station or from a wide number of APOS operator stations connected to a network. The APOS software can be integrated with Kongsberg Maritime Dynamic Positioning systems.

APOS system

The Acoustic Processing Computer (APCxx) is a powerful industrialized standard computer available in 19 inch rack, desktop or console versions.

The software is specially designed to meet the subsea survey and DP operator demanding requirements and is programmed on a standard Windows operating platform.

A standard PC keyboard, with numerical keys and a trackball, controls the operation.

The screen is divided into 3 windows in which the operator can select several different views: graphical position plot, numerical data, inclination, roll, pitch and heading. 

One system may have one or several operator stations, which communicates on an Ethernet. One of the operator stations will be the master. This is selected by the operator(s).

Key features

  • APOS Survey OS version 6 or later
  • Select which of the vessels HiPAP transducers are available for survey
  • Opto isolated serial interface to the vessel's HiPAP
  • Use vessels or local survey sensors (GNSS MRU, Gyro)
  • Configuration of lever arms and offsets independent of the vessel
  • Cymbal digital acoustics (500+ channels)
  • Positioning modes: SSBL Fast Track, LBL & Sparse LBL SSBL Alignment and LBL boxin calibration
  • Blue Marble Geodetic Library
  • Interfaces to Subsea HAIN and PAP LBL ROV Transceiver
  • Interface ROV pressure and sound velocity sensors
  • Industry standard and propriety NMEA telegrams

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