HiPAP 352P

Portable acoustic positioning system

The HiPAP 352P is a portable variant of the HiPAP 352. With its unique and compact transducer containing "a complete transciever" and an accurate Motion Reference Unit (MRU), it will bring a new era into the underwater positioning services for "vessels of opportunity". It is the only automatic beam steering portable transducer in the market. The transducer is designed to be mounted on a shaft to be installed over-the-side or through a moon-pool of a vessel.


The transducer can be tilted to have the 120 degree cone operating area in the sector of the required area. There will be no need for extra calibration, or mechanical fine adjustments, as the internal Motion Reference Unit will automatically compensate for the tilt.

A built-in north seeking heading sensor is also available in the HiPAP 352P-I. The sensor is based on an inertial measurement unit and will allow for GPS antenna offset calibration only.

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