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No one disputes the statement “A Dynamic Positioning (DP) system can never become better than its references” for holding the vessel automatically in wanted position. The HAIN Reference system uses the latest technology for providing the best and most reliable underwater DP reference. By its unique feature of combining both acoustic and inertial technologies HAIN Reference will ensure highest quality position data and update rate.

The Role of IMU in HAIN Reference System

An Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) serves the crucial function of measuring its own movement. As the core component of an Inertial Navigation System (INS), the IMU sensor provides data processed in a computer to determine precise position measurements. While an INS yields highly accurate position data over short durations, it is prone to drift over time, making the IMU unsuitable as a standalone Dynamic Positioning (DP) reference sensor. However, within the context of a HAIN Reference system, the IMU constitutes one of the two main components.

Integration of IMU and Hydroacoustic Position Reference in HAIN

In the HAIN Reference system, IMU data is intricately processed alongside position data from an underwater Hydroacoustic Position Reference system. The resulting combined data, distinctive to HAIN, is then output by the computer. Vessel position, velocity, heading, and attitude are updated at a rapid rate of 300 Hz, relying on IMU readings and adjusting with each new acoustic position measurement. HAIN Reference enhances the robustness, quality, and reliability of the acoustic reference system significantly, establishing itself as the premier choice for acoustic reference systems.

Advantages of HAIN Reference System

HAIN Reference offers several key advantages, making it a valuable addition to the acoustic reference system. Maintaining a high update rate of 1 second output to the DP, it effectively filters out acoustic position noise. Notably, it continues to provide the DP with position data even minutes after losing acoustic signals. While its value is evident in deeper waters, experiences from drilling rigs reveal its significant impact even in shallow waters. Users benefit from enhanced position stability, enabling longer operations in adverse weather conditions and establishing a more dependable reference system overall.


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