Acoustic positioning systems are used to position subsea objects relative to a surface vessel or to position  a surface vessel relative to a seabed reference transponder. The typical applications for this is positioning and ROV or using the vessel position as reference for a DP system The systems are interfaced to AHRS sensors and to GNSS to compute position compensated for vessels movement and geographical position.  Kongsberg provides HiPAP systems for permanent installation and portable systems that can be moved between vessels. An acoustic positioning systems uses a subsea transponder that can be attached to the object to be positioned. These systems can be used in a variety of positioning applications. 

The HiPAP model range covers positioning application from shallow water to the deepest parts of the ocean. All models have common architecture, features and system components. The transducer is the unique part for each of the models enabling the best fit for purpose configuration for the operation application for the vessel. A vessel may have a combination of these system integrated  to one solution.

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