HAIN Subsea 7000

The HAIN Subsea 7000 with co-located DVL is a fully integrated inertial navigation system for subsea vehicles. The system can be aided from acoustic positioning systems, doppler velocity and pressure sensors. The integrated solution designed for operation on an AUV, ROV, towed fish and any other subsea vehicle down to 7000 meters water depth, consists of an inertial measurement unit, doppler velocity log and onboard navigation processing. The HAIN unit receives the subsea vehicle position aid from an SSBL system on a surface vessel or a sparse LBL system on the subsea vehicle. In addition, to further improve position accuracy, the co-located DVL and pressure sensor 7000m rated can be used as aids to the inertial solution.


  • Subsea
  • Inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Echo sounder
  • Hydroacoustics (HIPAP)
  • Transponder
  • MRU (Motion Reference Unit)
  • Sensor fusion
  • Acoustic telemetry

Application Potential

HAIN Subsea 7000 is designed to provide fast precise position updates with full attitude output for deep sea mining, cable trenching, ROV survey, AUV navigation and towed fish tracking. Seamless compatibility with HiPAP ensures the HAIN Subsea 7000's on board processor interfaces easily without the need for an additional topside computer. The new user-friendly HAIN interface is now accessible on HiPAP and uPAPAPOS operator stations.

Enhanced Positioning Aids

Position aiding to HAIN can be provided by an SSBL system or via Sparse LBL ranges. A cPAPLBL Transceiver can be interfaced to the HAIN directly and measures LBL ranges to cNODE transponders on known seabed reference points. Fast absolute position calibration of seabed reference transponders is possible with an ROV adaptive box-in, with this technique the ROV is positioned with SSBL and HAIN, flying a circle around the seabed transponder while measuring LBL ranges. Relative position accuracy can be further improved with baseline measurements between the seabed transponders.

Key features

  • 7000m rated can be used as aids to the inertial solution.
  • Integrates DVL, SoundVelocity, Pressure and LBL data into one subsea unit.
  • Precise, smooth and accurate positioning.
  • High position update rate.
  • Estimation and compensation of sensor errors.
  • Post-processing for improved accuracy, precision, and integrity.


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