HiPAP 102

Ultra-deep water positioning system

The HiPAP 102 is the Low Frequency member of the HiPAP system family. With high accuracy, good repeatability and high reliability, the HiPAP 102 system is the multipurpose acoustic positioning system for ultra-deep water operations. The system is supplied as a multi-purpose "ultra-deep water" acoustic positioning system using transponders with depth rating down to 7.000 m (deeper on demand).

Ideal for very deep water

The HiPAP 102 is well proven, and it provides the simplest way to position ROVs and other objects in very deep water using either or both SSBL and LBL principles. The HiPAP 102 deep water system can also be combined with the medium depth HiPAP 352 and HiPAP 502 Systems and operated from the same operator station.

HiPAP 102 uses standard cNODE transponder in the low frequency band.

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