Respect and dignity

We treat people with respect and dignity.

All of our operations shall comply with local and relevant international legislation and generally accepted frameworks. We will respect all internationally recognized human rights.

The safety of our employees and other individuals performing work on our behalf is of the utmost importance to KONGSBERG. Risks and threats that could cause harm to personnel on duty, on and off-site, shall be identified, analysed and controlled. All entities shall have updated emergency plans and regularly carry out exercises in accordance with these plans. KONGSBERG shall work continuously to be a safe, productive and stimulating place to work, and to ensure an inclusive working environment.

We will not accept discrimination of any kind, e.g. due to gender, race, family situation, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, union membership or religion. We are to conduct ourselves with integrity, showing respect for colleagues and others we meet in the course of our work. Bullying, harassment and similar behaviour will not be tolerated. KONGSBERG opposes every form of trafficking, including the purchase of sexual services. Caution should be exercised with alcohol at events held under the auspices of KONGSBERG, and alcohol-free alternatives should always exist. KONGSBERG’s employees should exhibit moderation with alcohol when they represent the company. During travel, individuals are also deemed to be representing KONGSBERG after ordinary working hours.