Our responsibilities

At KONGSBERG we participate in fostering a solid and robust culture of ethical behavior.

What we expect of our employees

  • Participate in fostering a solid and robust culture of ethical behavior.
  • Comply with this Code and other governing documents and applicable laws that are relevant to your work.
  • Consult with their leader or Compliance Officer if they are in doubt about an ethics or compliance issue. Any unresolved questions should be addressed to KONGSBERGs Corporate Compliance Officer or Legal Department.
  • Report any suspicion or observation of misconduct to their supervisor or Compliance Officer, or follow the routines for “Raising Concerns”. Never misuse reporting of concerns to harm others.


What we expect of our leaders

  • Act as ethical role models and demonstrate intolerance for unethical behavior.
  • Ensure that the Code is made known and complied with in own organisation.
  • Any “Raising Concern” issue shall be handled following the internal procedures.

Internal mandatory training

KONGSBERG’s Training Programme for Ethics, Anti-Corruption and Business Conduct and Compliance is intended to give employees the understanding and awareness required to carry out their responsibilities in compliance with legislation, regulations and the corporate Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, including supplemental business conduct and compliance documents.

KONGSBERG has developed various mandatory training tools, including basic e-learning ased on our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct for all employees, classroom training for new employees and new line managers, and specific training for exposed personnel, managers and market representatives.

The training material and instructors are to be approved by the Corporate Compliance Officer. The annual training plan is to be risk based, focusing on new laws and requirements, KONGSBERG’s Directives and mandatory governing documents.

E-learning, mandatory for all KONGSBERG employees: