Ferry Solutions

Automated operations improve safety and efficiency

Utilising functionality derived from our autonomy program - Automatic Docking and Adaptive Transit - our ferry solutions ensures that passengers are conveyed safely cross the water safely, on time, and with minimum power consumed.

Key figures

 20% decrease in fuel consumption

Ferry operations are intensive. A small crew are responsible for loading/unloading, keeping a tight timetable, and maintaining the safety for passengers and cargo. A ferry can be docking 10 times per day, or more, by automating critical and time consuming task, a safer and more predictable operation is achieved.

An advanced navigation and maneuvering control system provides the navigator with all controls at his fingertips, with an intuitive user interface. The new all speed autopilot has full control of the ferry, from station keeping to transit speed, without any changing of control systems. Automatic Docking function takes the ferry safely to and from the berth, every time, whilst Adaptive Transit adjusts the route and speed, to utilize as little energy as possible on the passage, still keeping the timetable.

Gas fueled engines, batteries and fuel cells can be combined for low emission hybrid setup, or zero emission ferries. All controlled from our K-Power integrated switchboard and frequency drives with built-in energy management. Seamlessly communicating with the maneuvering system, the best possible efficiency is acieved.

Vibration sensors can be applied to thrusters, engines and other rotating equipment, together with data from temperature and pressure sensors, condition monitoring of important equipment can be performed, with accurate remaining lifetime calculations. This makes it possible to plan the maintenance schemes better, and prevent breakdown of equipment, with costly off-hire. Advanced analytics on the power grid, generators and motors, can be included to predict other failure situations. Combined with encrypted connectivity and cloud computing, the analytics are available for shore control centers simultaneously as on bord.

KONGSBERG´s integrated solutions, ensure maximum safety and reliability during operations, with a minimium use of machinery and power.

  • Efficiency

    Integrated maneuvering system and energy management, using the energy needed to be there on time, but nothing more.

  • Environment

    By choosing the right route, and keeping the speed and accelerations as low as possible, minimal energy consumption and environmental impact is sought.

  • Performance

    Azipull is the preferred propulsor. The right combination of maneuverability and efficiency in transit.

  • Safety

    Automated maneuvering drastically reduces the risk of touching the quay or driving ramp.

  • Productivity

    Controlling the ferry from quay to quay, with automatic control of route and speed, ensures that the timetable is followed, every time.

Connecting with the future today.

Multiple systems, one platform, limitless potential.

By uniting operations, energy and handling solutions, KONGSBERG creates integrated vessel concepts that unlock powerful benefits.

The result is greater efficienct, reduced costs, intelligent asset management and a continual cycle of learning and improvement. Data is shared, understanding is enhanced and better realtime and long-term decisions are made possible, both at sea and on land.

 Marine operations is integrated, the future is KONGSBERG.


Our market-leading solutions are delivering tomorrow’s technology today to the ferry market.