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Manoeuvring and vessel response simulations​

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Estimation of environmental loads are important when designing ships having manoeuvring and operational criterions.

  • Kongsberg have capability to combine CFD and time-domain analysis tools for simulation of ships both in calm water and seaways with variable heading and speed.
  • CFD is used to calculate environmental loads from wind and current and linear potential theory codes are used to calculate wave forces and vessel motions. Results can be used for vessel response, seakeeping, station keeping and DP analysis.
  • These capabilities can support:
    • Selection and sizing of propulsor configurations in order to fulfil a certain station keeping and/or manoeuvring criteria’s.
    • Comparing manoeuvrability of conventional shaft lines to azimuthing thrusters and other propulsion configurations.
    • How many tunnel thrusters and how much power is required for a certain station keeping/low speed capability in given environmental conditions.
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