Health Management

Improve operational predictability and maintenance planning with our expert support

As a ship owner or operator, you face the daily challenge of delivering to your customer on-time and reliably. Central to that is the efficient operation of your machinery... and critically, avoiding unplanned downtime.

Our Health Management Service puts our experts on your front line to minimise the risk of operational disruption.

  • Continuous analysis and evaluation of critical equipment condition
  • Enhancing the ability to predict upcoming breakdowns
  • Recommending preventative and condition-based maintenance tasks to avoid downtime and optimise planning
  • Delivering targeted advice to improve equipment performance

The benefits

  • Maximised asset reliability, performance, and uptime

  • Minimised unplanned maintenance and cost

  • Improved sustainability through reduced fuel consumption and emissions

  • Lower operational expenditure and increased profitability

How it works

Our Health Management Service leverages the deep domain knowledge of our certified specialists to identify, predict and help you to prevent suboptimal performance or upcoming breakdowns of your critical machinery. This includes engines, low-speed rotating machinery such as handling systems, and high-speed rotating machinery such as our KONGSBERG range of thrusters.

Utilising real-time condition analyses, including those provided by our class-approved Condition Monitoring System (K-CMS)*, our experts evaluate your machinery and deliver targeted recommendations and reports to optimise maintenance and Machinery efficiency, reduce your day-to-day operational risk, and increase profitability.

  • Unique knowledge

    of the whole value chain allows us to offer valuable advice that no other service provider can deliver.

  • Comprehensive support

    means our recommendations cover all equipment critical to your operations, including selected 3rd party machinery.

Insights and intelligence combined

*K-CMS is our fully integrated condition monitoring system containing the high-quality hardware and software intelligence needed to digitalise your machinery assets, allowing high-speed data collection and onshore evaluation.

With our K-CMS solution, we can apply our Health Management service to high-speed rotating machinery such as our KONGSBERG range of thrusters.

Our scalable Health Management portal displays all operational data, condition reports from monitored machinery, and Health Management recommendations in one place, giving a holistic overview of your vessels and fleet.

The ultimate predictive maintenance solution

Thruster Remaining Useful Life (RUL) is our Health Management service utilising innovative digital twin technology to pinpoint when, not if, thruster components will fail... and often months or even years in advance.

This powerful predictive maintenance forecasting service enables us to deliver targeted aftermarket support, such as field service and spares, and helps you to plan or postpone upcoming overhauls, drydocks, services or seal change intervals depending on thruster condition.

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