Health Management Service

Who is this Health Management Service suitable for?

Our holistic service covers all equipment critical to customer operations – from Thrusters and CPP shaftlines to stabilisers and batteries – including both KONGSBERG’s products and selected 3rd party machinery. These products may be installed across all vessel types, from small tugs to giant heavy lift construction vessels.

In a recent example from an anchor-handling vessel, our Health Management service identified and helped a customer to prevent the upcoming breakdown of a winch system. Breakdown would have resulted in the vessel being taken out of service for a several million-dollar overhaul. Instead, our Health Management experts mobilised field service personnel to the vessel on the same day, enabling it to re-enter operation with minimal interruption.

What does the purchase of the Health Management Service include?

It involves the monitoring and analysis of equipment condition results by our experts, who utilise their deep domain knowledge to provide targeted recommendations in response to suboptimal performance or equipment issues. These recommendations may be to carry out maintenance or make operational adjustments, which the customer can use to take action. The analysis and advice are displayed within our customer portal, and responsiveness depends on the service level chosen (for example, our premium-level service comes with a 24-hour response guarantee).

Our class-certified Condition Monitoring System, K-CMS, is an additional system that includes the sensors and hardware used to collect condition data (including of high-speed rotating machinery, such as thrusters) for use in these assessments. K-CMS also includes the software tools needed for initial analysis and to provide an overview of the data.

Why should I choose Kongsberg as the service provider?

  1. Our deep domain expertise of the equipment we manufacture, and support allows us to provide targeted advice that no other service provider can deliver.
  2. Our holistic service covers all equipment critical to customer operations, including selected 3rd party machinery. We partner with external domain experts to provide targeted advice on 3rd party machinery outside of our expertise, allowing KONGSBERG to offer one holistic platform for the condition monitoring of customer vessels and fleets.

How will the Health Management Service reduce the environmental impact of our operations?

We identify and raise engine maintenance issues with the customer, providing you with targeted advice to bring the equipment back to optimal operation and lower fuel consumption. This can lead to significant savings in cost and emissions.

On a Platform Supply Vessel (PSV), which typically operate 4 engines, a saving of 1% in fuel leads to a direct cost saving of up to $7000 per engine, per year. This corresponds to a 19.000 Tonne reduction in CO2 emissions, which is equivalent to that of over 2000 households. One customer told us their fuel consumption was reduced by 5-8% through this service.

What operational and financial value will the Health Management Service provide me?

  • Operational – the enhanced ability to predict upcoming machinery breakdowns is used to optimise the planning of operational and maintenance tasks. The result is a reduction in unplanned maintenance and operational disruption, and an increase in equipment uptime, performance, and reliability.
  • Financial – minimised unplanned downtime and maximised uptime delivers significant financial benefits, including reduced maintenance costs and operational expenditure, and increased asset life and profitability. In addition, optimising engine performance can lead to significant reductions in fuel consumption and in turn, cost.