Propeller & hull cavitation test

  • Cavitation tests of a propeller in behind condition in KHRC free-surface cavitation tunnel T-31.
  • The test set-up consists of an aft hull dummy with propeller, shafting, brackets and rudder, mounted on a test rig. The hull model generates the main flow features of the propeller wake. Added flush-mounted grids or wake screens simulates the correct wake as measured in a towing tank test. 
  • Propeller thrust and torque are measured using a dynamometer between the propeller hub and shaft. 
  • Pressure pulses are measured in the hull plating above the propeller using several flush-mounted pressure transducers.
  • Cavitation observations are made visual using
    stroboscopic light synchronised with the shaft
    speed. Documentation of cavitation is made
    with standard video and/or high-speed video.
  • A full set of tests comprise of:
    • Thrust, torque, shaft speed measurements
    • cavitation observations
    • cavitation inception test
    • cavitation erosion test
    • pressure pulse and noise measurements