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Contaz azimuthing thruster

Our azimuthing contra-rotating propeller, type Contaz, was the world’s first thruster system designed and built especially for merchant vessels. It combines the benefits of contra-rotating propellers with steerable thrusters.

Azimuth thruster with contra-rotating propellers

The Contaz azimuth thruster range with contra-rotating propellers provide high propulsive efficiency and reduced vibration. Efficiency gains are 10 - 15 per cent over conventional azimuth thrusters. The aft propeller regains some of the energy losses in the stream as well as significant rotational losses, therefore there is a lower installed power requirement that can release space on board and lowers fuel consumption. Contaz units have a range of stem lengths and are ideal for passenger/car ferries and vessels requiring high propulsive efficiency, i.e. low fuel consumption.


Key features

  • Lower need of installed power
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Real redundancy in propulsion and steering
  • Full steering control also at low speed
  • Lower noise and vibration levels

Technical data

Thruster type CONTAZ 15 CONTAZ 25 CONTAZ 35
Max Input Power (kW) 2200 3000 3700
Input speed (rpm) 900 - 1500 900 - 1500 750 - 1200
Dry wt (t) 32 50 70
Max Prop. Dia (mm) 3200 3700 4000


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