Steering control system, K-Steering 600

The KONGSBERG K-Steering 600 steering system provides a unified control system for the vessel’s rudder or rudders, allowing the operator to take control of the steering gear instantly at any of several control positions on the bridge or to transfer control to the autopilot, dynamic positioning system - DP, or an independent joystick system depending on the systems installed.

The bus-based communication between intelligent components simplifies installation by reducing the number of cables required, and so reduces the overall cost.

Two controllers are the main units of the K-Steering 600 control system. The controller cabinets are located near the steering gear and a communication bus links the operator panels and steering devices to them.

Helmsman wheel

The Helmsman wheel sends commands to the rudder controller on redundant CAN lines. It can control single or twin rudders.



The Mini-wheel also sends commands to the rudder controller on redundant CAN lines. In a twin installation the Mini-wheel can control single or twin rudders - in synchronous mode.

Mini-wheel with feedback display

An alternative Mini-wheel is available with separate or integrated feedback display. This Mini-wheel also sends commands to the rudder controller on redundant CAN lines and can control single or twin rudders (synchronous mode).

Rudder Control Panel

The Rudder Control Panel is a touch-sensitive operator panel featuring:

  • Alarm indications
  • Setpoint and feedback indication
  • Buttons for mode selection
  • Pump control and indication
  • Indication of control position and modes
  • Manual or automatic dimming and palette control


K-Steering 600 steering control system is for use on single- or dual-rudder vessels and is compatible with most industrystandard steering gears (including torque motor, solenoid valve, proportional, and rotary vane systems). Steering control positions can be located in the centre of the forward bridge, on the bridge wings (where, for example, optional backup NFU tillers can be installed), and on the aft bridge. In addition, K-Steering 600 can receive rudder set-point commands from the Autopilot, Dynamic Positioning - DP or a Joy stick systems

Type Approvals

Designed in accordance with the requirements of: DNV-GL, LR, BV, RINA, Class NK, ABS, KR, RMRS, CCS, PRS

Main Features

  • Linked discrete controller units for steering gear and bridge control
  • Bus-based communication for reliability and reduced installation cost
  • Single- or twin-rudder control from a choice of steering wheels and devices (standard-wheel, mini-wheel, NFU/FU control handle)
  • Control panel for operation (mode selection) and steering system monitoring
  • Command control from multiple steering locations

Main Benefits

  • Single-source steering solution for wide range of vessel types
  • Compact and cost-effective
  • Reliable and user friendly
  • Integrated with K-Bridge INS
  • Global type approval

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