With more than 40 years’ experience in rudder design through hydrodynamic analysis and cavitation prediction, KONGSBERG is ensuring the best performance. 

Our rudder series are divided into different offerings and configurations, enabling Kongsberg Maritime to provide high quality rudder solutions fully evaluated and adapted to the customer’s needs and vessels operational requirements.

Since different vessel operation profiles requires different rudder configurations, our rudder portfolio is based on different rudder types and principles, Classic Rudder and Flap Rudder. If special needs, KONGSBERG can provide a special rudder that is further optimized for the vessel’s operational profile and design conditions.

  • Classic Rudder: Providing an economical way of improving manoeuvring capabilities of most vessels.
  • Flap Rudder: Provides both excellent low speed manoeuvring performance and high propulsive efficiency, with a smaller required rudder area.