Stabilisation at rest stabilisers

 Stabiliser fins have a larger surface area for optimum performance at rest.

Less fin drag in working condition

The stabilisation-at-rest system uses the proven and reliable Aquarius and Neptune ranges of retractable stabilisers. The system is ideal for medium to large yachts and is the world’s first to be made available with the benefits of retractable fins. The fins can be folded away when not required to improve safety, maintain manoeuvrability in confined spaces or when travelling at high speed. With the fin retracted drag is negligible, and compared to the industry standard there is also less fin drag in the working condition. `Active´ fin control and advanced hydrodynamic design give outstanding roll reduction at anchor and the usual excellent performance whilst underway.


Key features

  • Our retractable stabilisers will deliver the required roll reduction with only a single pair of fins
  • Fewer components and the sub-systems means reliability, and availability, with less maintenance
  • Units normally fit into the main machinery space, with simple access for routine maintenance
  • Electro-hydraulic actuation for low noise

Technical data

Model SAR 25 SAR 50 SAR 100 SAR 200 SAR 300
Fin Area (m2) up to 4.0 up to 6.1 up to 9.0 up to 12.0 up to 15.0
Approx. weight/ship set (t) 13 24 42 50 75


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