Neptune retractable stabilisers

The Neptune II retractable-fin stabiliser provides optimal vessel performance at low ownership costs.

Improving on board experience for passengers

Retractable fin stabiliser systems play an important role in improving the all-important on board experience for passengers and crew. The one-piece fin is built of fabricated materials, with a modified NACA (North American Committee on Aeronautics) section to maximise lift properties and minimise drag, with a similar effect as flapped fins. Features include an innovative tilt ram attribute, which facilitates cylinder and seal maintenance without dry-docking, simplified crux assembly, improved hydraulic and lubrication systems, lower weight and a new fin extension-locking mechanism for improved safety. Neptune II offers optimal vessel performance with low ownership costs.


Key features

  • Enhanced stabiliser performance due to one-piece, high-lift fin
  • Ease of integration with ship’s alarm and monitoring system
  • Small hull aperture
  • Modular construction
  • Simplified main seal replacement
  • Load sensing hydraulics
  • Latest generation controls

Technical data

Model N200 N300 N400 N500 N600
Max. Fin Area (m2) 5.45 - 7.48 7.00 - 9.62 9.42 - 12.95 12.5 - 17.19 16.24 - 22.33
Weight (t) 44 - 52 67.5 - 78.1 90 - 102.5 127 - 142 190 - 209


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