Modular non-retractable stabilisers

The modular range uses a simplified design configuration that offers reduced maintenance costs. In operation, the superior hydrodynamic profile of the fin blade remains unbroken, reducing the potential for cavitation.

Superior hydrodynamic profile

The modular stabiliser range incorporates superior hydrodynamic features, and is designed to satisfy standards for noise, shock and vibration where these are required to meet customer military/naval specifications. A keyless taper socket fin attachment allows the hydrodynamic profile of the fin blade to remain unbroken, reducing the potential for cavitation. If required, air emission from the leading edge of the fin can also be utilised to minimise noise induced by cavitation. The hull-closing plate is an integral part of the fin unit. Installation is easy, as the unit is shaped to fit the hull lines exactly, so expensive seating structures and finishing work can be avoided.


Key features

  • Self-aligning bearings
  • Special finshaft coating
  • Simple installation procedure
  • Fin size tailored to meet the design and performance of individual ships
  • Low maintenance

Technical data

Model NR22 NR26 NR31 NR35 NR41
Max. Fin Area (m2) 1.9 - 4.8 5.0 - 6.5 7.0 - 9.0 9.5 - 12.0 13.0 - 16.5
Maximum dimensions (m) A 1.3 1.3 1.5 1.75 2
Maximum dimensions (m) B 1.35 1.7 1.88 1.95 2.2
Maximum dimensions (m) C 2.26 2.82 3 3.55 4.1
Weight* (kg) 6800 - 12200 14400 - 18600 21100 - 26600 29900 - 36720 42400 - 52100


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