Gemini non-retractable stabilisers

The Gemini range is supplied with a plain high performance fabricated fin and is suitable for commercial vessels and government/military applications.

Compact and ruggedly designed

For applications where retraction of the fins is not required, the Gemini range is available for smaller vessels where high performance and low cost are important factors. The Gemini range of non-retractable stabilisers are supplied with a plain, high performance fabricated fin. Gemini stabilisers provide high performance roll damping with a compact, lightweight design and modern controls, as well as proving highly dependable with low maintenance costs. The power unit is compact, incorporating pumps, motor, proportional control valves and cooler, and the range can be supplied with or without a hull plate to allow a balance of cost against ease of installation.


Key features

  • Enhanced stabiliser performance due to high-lift fin
  • Compact power unit containing all the hydraulic, mechanical and control equipment
  • Ease of integration with ship’s hull and systems

Technical data

Model 10 20 30
Max. Fin Area (m2) 1.4 2 3.2
Maximum dimensions (m) A 1.2 1.55 1.86
Maximum dimensions (m) B 1.17 1.29 1.72
Maximum dimensions (m) C 0.72 0.9 1.11
Weight* (kg) 3420 5710 10160


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