RAS Reception Moveable highpoint

The moveable highpoint provides an attachment point for the tensioned steel wire ropes used during abeam replenishment at sea (RAS) operations. Once attached via the individual couplings, the attachment point may be raised and lowered using the moveable highpoint unit to allow safe and convenient loading and unloading of solid stores on the deck. MHPS suitable for the transfer of 2te or 6te RAS loads are available.

Each Moveable Highpoint is controlled by a bulkhead mounted control panel and is operated from a portable pendant controller which is supplied complete with a six metre long wander lead. The wander lead is plugged into an IP66 bulkhead mounted socket located adjacent to the Moveable Highpoint.

An associated electrical starter panel is also supplied which is mounted in an enclosed compartment position behind each Moveable Highpoint unit or elsewhere within the vessel.

Key features

  • RAS Reception Systems
  • Supplied in accordance with NATO ATP-16 inter-operability standard
  • Suitable for transfer of RAS stores up to 2te capacity
  • Can also be used to provide a secure liquids transfer connection
  • Suitable for use in heavy sea states
  • All electric high performance drives
  • Transfer with vessel speeds of up to 15knots
  • Low through life cost
  • 3ph 440V & 690V AC supply options available
  • HRAS MHP design available for the transfer of solids stores up to 6te.


  • Trolley speed: 20m/min.
  • Lateral working range: 30° forward/aft.
  • Electrical Load (2te MHP): 39kVA 
  • Electrical Load (6te MHP): 90kVA 
  • Can be engineered to naval shock ratings
  • Fail safe design including spring applied and magnetically released
    trolley brake
  • Motor and brake protected by embedded phase temperature sensors and overcurrent devices
  • Wide reference list across NATO fleet
  • Structural design fully validated via third party assessment conducted by nominated marine classification society

If required, the moveable highpoint structure can be supplied as part of an integrated form for installation into the ships hull profile. This provides minimum radar cross section properties and avoids projections onto the ships weatherdeck. External weather tight doors can also be supplied for a fully flush profile when stowed. KONGSBERG are happy to work with ship designers and end users to engineer the best solution for the naval platform. 

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