Fibre rope crane (FRC)

Our fibre rope cranes have a range of up to 400t, and are designed for continuous operation in a tough and corrosive offshore environment with focus on efficient and safe load handling.

Working better deeper

We offer a range of offshore cranes for up to 400 tonnes load using field proven fibre rope handling technology. The crane structure has an integrated operator cabin and the fibre rope runs over large diameter sheaves. Below deck is a compact CTCU (cable traction control unit) which forms the crane winch, provides Active Heave-Compensation (AHC) and stores the rope on a reel. This system has a proven track record of more than 10 years. Particular attention has been made to ease of access and maintenance of all main components.


Because the selected rope has neutral buoyancy, the crane can handle loads to its full rated capacity down to 4,500 metres water depth. Cranes using heavy steel wire must begin derating at depths more than about 700m, so by 2,500m a 400t wire crane can only handle the same load as a 250t FRC.

Our rope management system monitors rope condition enabling abraded or damaged sections to be easily repaired by splicing onboard.

Key features

  • Field proven CTCU technology for fibre rope handling
  • Smart integration in vessel – below deck
  • Innovative crane structure – reduced weight
  • High-end control system
  • Active heave compensation (AHC)
  • Constant tension, with auto landing and auto lift-off mode
  • Pull limit and controlled emergency pay-out function
  • State-of-the-art operator cabin
  • High quality – low maintenance, robust and field proven technology
  • Cost efficient logistics for rope replacement
  • In-field splicing of rope
  • Easy inspection of rope
  • Rope management system – full wear traceability
  • DNV GL certification

Technical data

SWL 150t 250t
Operating depth (m) 4500 4500
Min outreach (m) 7 11
Max outreach (m) 31 40
Winch speed (m/s) 0-1.5 (all layers)* 0-1.5 (all layers)*
AHC capacity (peak to peak) 4.8m at 10s period
(all layers)*
3.2m at 10s period
(all layers)*
Heavy lift capacity (double fall) 300t at 2250m 500t at 2250m
Aux winch capacity 10t / 20t 10t / 20t
Tugger winch capacity (t) 5 5
Slewing +/- 200 degrees rotation +/- 200 degrees rotation
Peak power consumption (kW) 1300 2300
Certification DNVGL-ST-E407 'Rope-based
deployment & recovery
systems for designed service'

Approximate values provided for guidance only.
Specifications may vary for given applications.

* Varies according to applied load.


  • Auxiliary winch
  • Personnel lifting
  • Tugger winches
  • Remote access
  • Anti-collision system
  • Pedestal
  • Heavy lift double fall arrangement
  • Health monitoring

Services and support

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  • Conversions, retrofit and refit

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  • Training

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