Cadeler’s new Foundation Installation Vessel will be built by COSCO Shipping (Qidong) Offshore

KONGSBERG’S Technologies Underpin Innovative Cadeler Foundation Installation Vessel

Kongsberg Maritime (KM) has signed a new technology contract of around EUR 28m with Chinese shipbuilder COSCO Shipping (Qidong) Offshore for an F-Class, Foundation Installation Vessel. The vessel will have greater lifting capacity than previous vessels and will be delivered to Danish service provider Cadeler in 2025.

The agreement will see KM supply a comprehensive technology package for the F-class jack-up which will be able to transport up to six XL monopiles (weighing 2,300-2,600mt each) per round-trip, substantially improving efficiency over current vessels.

The F-class vessel also features a unique convertible design, allowing a simple refit process to convert its role from a foundation installation vessel to a wind turbine installation vessel (WTIV).

This is the third contract KM has received for Cadeler installation vessels with KM’s Integrated Solution being crucial to the delivery and operation of all three vessels, which are destined to be among the largest of their type and capable of transporting and installing multiple sets of next- and future-generation wind turbines, and their foundations. This well-proven suite of solutions combines KM’s optimised thruster package, electrical solution and dynamic positioning functionalities to maintain operability in all conditions and includes multiple digital tools to improve sustainability and reliability.

“Our vessels are designed to meet both the current and future needs of the offshore industry,” says Mikkel Gleerup, CEO at Cadeler. “So as the world needs more efficient offshore windfarms to help meet sustainability goals this requires larger turbines and larger, more efficient vessels to install them. KONGSBERG’s innovative technology solutions are a key enabler in this.”

Egil Haugsdal, President, Kongsberg Maritime
“This is a very smart vessel with a very bright future in the rapidly evolving offshore wind market. The bespoke solutions we have devised for the wind turbine installation vessels and this newly announced Foundation Installation Vessel indicate how much thought and effort we devote to facilitating and encouraging sustainable marine operations.”
Egil Haugsdal, President, Kongsberg Maritime

Cadeler is currently in discussions concerning a XL Monopile foundation installation contract in the North Sea, which will commence with this state-of-the-art F-class vessel.

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GUNVOR HATLING MIDTBØ, Vice President, Communications,
Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Vice President, Communications