Quality and HSE management

Customer value and performance is our most important measure of quality.

At the same time we aim for zero incidents and accidents and strive to protect the environment for our future generations.

The company is organised in divisions and has a number of subsidiary companies around the world. A more detailed presentation of the company, its divisions and products are found at the company’s web site.

The Executive Vice Presidents for each division have the overall responsibility for the total performance of their division. These are the actual operational business units in the company.



Kongsberg Maritime AS is certified according to:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 45001

Relevant parts of the company have a Production Quality Assessment certificate issued by a third part company.

In addition the different products have their own product certification that covers international standards and the Class Society rules.

A link to the different certificates for Kongsberg Maritime AS, our daughter companies and products will be found at our web page.

Business objectives

Kongsberg Maritime AS has defined a set of objectives and how these objectives are monitored. The objectives reflect the strategic planning and how the company complies to the policy.

These objectives are related to the following main objectives covering quality, HSE and the environment:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee performance and satisfaction
  • Owner satisfaction
  • Subcontractor performance
  • Improvements

Key Performance Indicators

The different Divisions and Departments are monitoring quality, HSE, cost and service through Key Performance Indicators. Our sites monitor measures related to CO2 reduction. Based on these indicators, the company continuously improves our processes to increase quality and HSE, decrease cost and improve service.

Continuous Improvements

Kongsberg Maritime AS has established a Process Forum, with dedicated process groups, which continuously evaluate and improve our business processes and supporting processes. In addition there exists a system for handling of Internal Improvement Projects.

Kongsberg Maritime AS continuously improve processes, products and services by systematically:

  • Report and correct problems
  • Plan and carry out necessary activities to implement improvements.
  • Follow up the result.

Kongsberg Maritime AS has a Corrective Action – Preventive Action (CAPA) deviation recording system, which is available to all Kongsberg Maritime companies worldwide.

Kongsberg Maritime AS plan and perform audits both internally and at suppliers.

To ensure that the employees have the necessary competence to correctly perform their assignments, Kongsberg Maritime AS has an Internal Training Department. Management analyse and monitor the competence needs in their respective areas.