Hydrographic Work Station

The small and powerful HWS has been optimized for interface access and the ability to work with high data rates and graphics rendering of real time data from EM multibeam echosounders. The acquisition software Seafloor Information System, SIS, can create Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) from all soundings on-the-fly, and display a full point cloud or DTM in 2D and 3D.

Hydrographic Work Station Capabilities

The HWS also serves as operator station for other KM products: SBP 27/29, TOPAS and EA440/640. It is a maritime certified computer system where all components have been tested together and verified to the standards IEC60945 and E10. The new generation HWS is smaller and faster than ever before, and can be used with all EM systems, SBP 27/29, TOPAS, and EA440/640. Maritime certifications include IEC60945 and E10.

Key features

  • The key features of the HWS include:
  • 1U high Hydrographic Work Station
  • 19’’ rack mount
  • Only 3.6 kilos
  • Supports four displays
  • SSD or NVMe data disks
  • IntelCore I7-8700T processor
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 115/230 VAC
  • Max 170W, 65W typical
  • Windows 10
  • Maritime certification
  • Easy installation with multiple options
  • Easy removal and replacement of components
  • USB-C and USB-A with high-speed data transfer connections
  • 4 DisplayPort connections
  • VESA-mount behind-the-display or under-the-desk
  • External power for SBP 27/29, TOPAS, and EA440/640
  • Easy data transfer capabilities

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