Sunken vessel RMA Leinster, taken using an EM2040-04 Dual RX on RV Celtic Voyager by INFOMAR.


High-resolution multibeam echo sounder for maximum 500 m depth

The EM2040 MKII is a true wideband high-resolution shallow water multibeam echo sounder, an ideal tool for any high-resolution mapping and inspection application. With this release, Kongsberg Discovery has upgraded the hardware and software to increase the swath and improve the data quality of our EM2040 series.

Advanced System Capabilities

The system fulfills, and even surpasses, IHO-S44 Exclusive Order and the more stringent LINZ specification. The EM 2040 was the first 3-sector broadband multibeam echo sounder in the market, now available as a 200 - 700 kHz system. The operator can on the fly choose the best operating frequency for the application: 300 kHz for near bottom, 200 kHz for deeper waters and 400 - 700 kHz for very high resolution inspection. 600 kHz wide area high frequency mapping mode offers an unprecedented 100 - 120° swath width. 700 kHz inspection mode provides the highest resolution available contained within a narrow 30° swath.

Enhanced Multifrequency Operation

By alternating between the frequency modes per ping, the system is capable of providing the operator with Multi Frequency Backscatter of up to 5 frequencies in a single pass. The same functionality allows the system to alternate between a full swath mode and a high resolution mode providing full coverage while maintaining ultra high resolution over a target. The angular coverage for the 200 and 300 kHz is up to 170° on slopes and piersides, with coverage up to 8 times water depth on a flat bottom. For a dual transducer system, 220° angular coverage or 10 times the water depth is achieved on a flat bottom.

Modular and Versatile Design

The EM 2040 MKII is a modular system, fully prepared for upgrading to cater for more demanding applications. The basic system has four units: a transmit transducer, a receive transducer, a processing unit and a hydrographic workstation. The EM 2040 MKII receiver is 0.5° and is delivered with a 0.25° or 0.5° transmitter(s). The transmit fan is divided into three sectors pinging simultaneously at separate frequencies ensuring a strong and beneficial dampening of multibounce interference. As an option the EM 2040 MKII can be delivered with dual swath capability, allowing a sufficient sounding density to meet survey coverage standards along track while maintaining a high vessel speed.

Key features

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • MultiFrequency Mode (see webinar here)
  • Seabed image
  • Wide frequency range
  • Short pulse lengths, large bandwidth
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw stabilization
  • Transmit and receive nearfield focusing
  • Depth rated to 6000 m. A 50 m depth rated version is also available
  • FM chirp
  • Extra detections
  • Water column display and logging
  • Dual swath
  • Dual RX
  • Dual TX
  • Easy to install

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