EM2040 PHS

Portable Hydrographic System

With the new EM 2040 Portable Hydrographic System (PHS), KONGSBERG blends the best of its sophisticated multibeam technology with Seapath INS/GNSS technology. The result is an incredibly powerful, world-class portable shallow water bathymetry system for any vessel of opportunity.

EM2040 and SeaPath system

Decades of experience and expertise are embedded in both the EM 2040 and Seapath systems. Together they form an unmatched out-of-the-box solution based on proven and de facto industry standard KONGSBERG technology. Flexibility and portability are paramount to the EM 2040 PHS. It is stored and transported in hardened, easy to carry cases. The integrated nature of the system reduces installation, calibration and set-up time, without compromise to bathymetric performance. Pre-alignment of the MRU and the SV probe, together with single cable connection enables rapid deployment with the included mounting package. Additionally, with the opportunity to utilise any type of KONGSBERG Motion Reference Unit (MRU), varying demands in heave/roll/pitch accuracy are met, adding even more flexibility for diverse projects and vessels.

EM 2040P Multibeam echo sounder

The EM 2040P is a shallow water multibeam echo sounder based on the cutting-edge KONGSBERG EM 2040 technology platform. It is highly portable, and has been designed for easy transport and quick deployment on any vessel, while offering survey performance up to and exceeding the IHO-S44 special order and the more stringent LINZ specification. It is ideal for diverse applications, from high resolution mapping and inspection to shallow water surveys. The EM 2040P is KONGSBERG's newest, most advanced shallow water multibeam echo sounder. Like all KONGSBERG multibeam echo sounders, motion, position and sound velocity measurements are used to compensate for dynamic environmental and platform effects as the data is acquired. The system also employs advanced bottom tracking and data cleaning algorithms during acquisition.

Seapath 130 Series

The Seapath 130 series is developed specifically for portable hydrographic surveying work where high precision heading, position, roll, pitch, heave and timing are critical measurements. It combines state-of-the-art dual frequency GNSS receivers, inertial technology and processing algorithms in a compact and portable package. The advanced Seapath navigation algorithms integrate RTK GNSS data with the inertial sensor data from the MRU. This gives the Seapath 130 unique advantages compared to stand-alone RTK products.

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