High-resolution portable multibeam echo sounder for maximum 500 m depth

The EM2040P MKII is a shallow water multibeam echo sounder based on EM2040 technology, an ideal tool for any high-resolution mapping and inspection application. With this release, Kongsberg Maritime has upgraded the hardware and software to increase the swath and improve the data quality of our EM2040 series.

Enhanced System Capabilities

Key facts about the system include surpassing the IHO-S44 Exclusive Order and the more stringent LINZ specification. The enhanced EM 2040P MKII is delivered with three essential components: A sonar head, a processing unit, and a workstation. The three-sector broadband multibeam echo sounder, now offered from 200 to 700 kHz, allows operators to select the best operating frequency for varied applications, such as 300 kHz for near bottom, 200 kHz for deeper waters, and 400-700 kHz for very high resolution inspection.

Versatility and High-Definition Performance

The EM 2040P MKII excels in versatility, enabling the operator to achieve Multi Frequency Backscatter of up to five frequencies in a single pass by alternating between frequency modes per ping. The same functionality supports switching between a full swath mode and a high resolution mode which ensures full coverage and ultra high resolution over targeted areas. With the capability of working effectively with very short pulse lengths and a raw range resolution of 10.5 mm, this system redefines high-definition seabed mapping.


The basic EM 2040P MKII has three components: A sonar head, a processing unit and a workstation. The sonar head has bumpers in the corners of the face of the transducer to protect it if it is placed on deck, and it has carrying handles on the sides. The EM 2040P MKII can be delivered with the standard processing unit or a IP67 rated (24 VDC) portable processing unit. As an option the EM 2040P MKII can be delivered with the dual swath capability, allowing a sufficient sounding density to meet survey coverage standards along track while maintaining a high vessel speed. For real-time motion stabilization and compensation, data input from a motion sensor, heading and a positioning system is required. A sound speed profile of the water column is also required for real-time correction. Sound speed at the transducer depth is now available fully integrated in the sonar head with AML’s latest generation SVT sensor, made of monolithic titanium, providing high accuracy and easy re-calibration in a rugged package.

Key features

  • Ultra-high resolution
  • MultiFrequency Mode (See webinar here)
  • Seabed image
  • Wide frequency range
  • Short pulse lengths, large bandwidth
  • Roll, pitch, and yaw stabilization
  • Transmit and receive nearfield focusing
  • Depth rated to 30 m
  • FM chirp
  • Extra detections
  • Water column display and logging
  • Dual swath
  • AML’s latest generation SVT sensor
  • Easy to install.

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