Parametric sub-bottom profiler system

TOPAS PS18 is a parametric sub-bottom profiler system for full ocean depths.

Parametric sub-bottom system

The idea of a parametric sub-bottom system is to use higher frequencies to generate the low frequencies that you need for sub-bottom profiling. The parametric conversion is a physical process that happens in the water when two signals with high SL is transmitted, the low frequency differential signal – or the parametric signal is created. A benefit of this principle is that you can do high performance sub-bottom profiling with smaller transducer arrays.

Three variants

TOPAS PS18 comes in 3 different configurations:

PS18 standard

PS18 with primary channel for receiving the 15-21 kHz components of the return signals

PS18 with primary and 2nd harmonic channel for receiving the 15-21 kHz and the 30-42 kHz components of the signals

TOPAS operator software on the Hydrograhic Workstation (HWS)

Installation solutions and ice window available

Key features

  • Source level @4 kHz: 209 dB
  • Primary frequency range: 15-21 kHz
  • Parametric freq.: 0.5-6 kHz
  • Beam width: ±2.25°
  • Operational depths: <10- 10000 m


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