SIS Remote

Remote Seafloor Information System

With SIS Remote you can operate the KONGSBERG EM-systems from any device connected to the Internet. Operators used to SIS 5 can also operate SIS Remote, no extra training is necessary. The Installation- and Runtime-parameters, Sound Speed Profile handling, the Digital Terrain Model in the Geographical Window are all the same.


  • Multibeam echo sounder software
  • Echo sounder
  • Positioning & attitude
  • Multibeam
  • Multibeam echo sounder
  • Seafloor Mapping
  • Seafloor mapping
  • Hydrographic survey

Seamless and Secure Integration

SIS Remote can use the Customer’s existing private network for communication ship-to-shore. The security configuration already in place will then be used for SIS Remote as well. KONGSBERG can also provide ship-to-cloud communication through a secured network, Global Secure Network, allowing operator access to SIS Remote through any web-browser by secure login to a Virtual Machine (Windows PC) in KONGSBERG’s cloud solution Blue Insight.

Versatile Control and Monitoring

SIS Remote can handle several EM-systems at the same time, displaying combined DTMs from all connected systems in the same geographical view for a complete oversight. It allows for independent operation of each EM, which is essential for autonomous vehicle deployment. Operators can monitor progress, make adjustments, and plan new lines remotely. The full DTM from each boat will be uploaded from ship-to-shore when SIS Remote connects.

Optimized for Efficiency and Detail

The DTM in highest LoD will allow the Operator to see alignment issues, sound speed profile problems, and gaps in the dataset with the full 3D view. The Planning module in SIS is also available in SIS Remote, with the ability to plan and transfer lines to the connected survey launches. For ship-to-shore transmission, SIS Remote can function efficiently with various carriers including 4G/5G mobile network, WiFi, satellite, or KONGSBERG’s Maritime Broadband Radio, the MBR.

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