Project Revolution Green

Join Kongsberg Maritime (KONGSBERG) for a cutting-edge summer intern initiative, Project Revolution Green, which aspires to lay the foundation for simulating and developing a future vessel that outperforms what is on the market today, in terms of energy efficiency. Focus will be on energy-efficient vessel control systems, propulsion systems, as well as ship design.

As a summer intern in KONGSBERG, you’ll partake in establishing a robust framework for physics-based simulations tailored to double-ended ferries, encompassing the running of virtual simulation cluster and realistic modelling of a ship’s hull, propulsion, and simple control systems.

As a summer intern in Ålesund, Norway, you’ll be part of a dedicated team with a keen focus on the modelling of hulls and propulsion systems. We're assembling a group comprising:

  •  Hydrodynamics Engineers tasked with modelling realistic ferry hulls.
  • 3D/CFD Specialist working on hull design and conducting basic CFD analyses to gather data on components.
  • Simulator Manager responsible for maintaining the system and configuring/operating the simulation framework.

Meanwhile, our Lysaker-team will be concentrating on the development and integration of control systems and software:

  •  Control Algorithms Engineers developing Autopilot systems.
  • Computer Science Engineers coding interfaces between the simulator and KM components/models such as thrusters, etc.
  •  Data Science Engineer focused on data analysis and structuring of data.

The stretch goal of this year’s summer project is to be able to sail the virtual vessel and record data on power consumption, that can be compared with real-world recordings from a similar ferry in Norway. If successful, the first iterations of improving vessel components or the control algorithms will also be explored.

We are seeking 10 talented individuals ready to make significant contributions in their respective fields. We are looking for students who are not just academically driven but also socially vibrant, eager to challenge themselves, capable of thriving as team members, and open to learning more.

Elevate your practical knowledge, collaborate on groundbreaking maritime solutions, and contribute to a greener marine future through Project Revolution green. The Journey towards revolutionizing maritime sector begins here.

Apply now and set sail on a summer of innovation and sustainability!

Job typ: Fulltime, Internship

Duration: Mid-June to mid-August.

Location(s): Lysaker / Ålesund, Norway

General information about deadline and internship release: Please be advised that our internship projects open for applications from mid-August to September annually for internships the following summer. Kindly note that project offerings may slightly vary from year to year, ensuring a dynamic and enriching experience aligned with your field of interest.

The official release of internship details, encompassing project descriptions and application instructions, will be accessible on our career pages.