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Our customers and partners can trust us to deliver, always. Dealing with KONGSBERG means dealing with reliable people, a reliable corporation and reliable products. We are a responsible organisation characterised by integrity and concern for health, safety and the environment.

Jon Årvar Rø believes that there is a collective pride in working at KONGSBERG, and that employees put their soul into being honest and upstanding in their work.

What does this value mean to you?

– For me, this means that every day I can go to work in the knowledge that I have a large and professional organisation behind me. I also have colleagues I can trust and who will help out when needed. This gives me great confidence in the day-to-day operations.

– There’s a collective pride in working at KONGSBERG. Employees really put their soul into the work to make sure we are honest and upstanding, something we like to show outwardly. For me, this expresses the fact that we are reliable.

– I am of course a true town of Kongsberg boy and this business means more to me than just a job. KONGSBERG has a strong association with the local community and society. This is a business that has been creating jobs for over 200 years.

– Although not all employees have links to the town of Kongsberg, we must see the company as part of our industrial heritage that must be managed in the best possible way. KONGSBERG has become a global player and it is therefore important that we connect with people and expertise from outside the town. Change is part of everyday life, but I believe it’s important to safeguard our core values. Being reliable and trustworthy is part of the company’s culture. We’re determined to provide good quality and live up to expectations, and this creates confidence. I hope this is a value that we’ll continue to stand by in the future.

A story relating to this value

– I used to work in the operational areas of the company. The strongest sense I picked up within projects was a burning desire to deliver quality on time. This is professionalism in the extreme. As a result, I now know with certainty and pride when I meet shareholders and investors that we deliver good value.

– I believe we’ve also been successful in demonstrating this value externally. A good example is the rights issue that took place last autumn. Terms such as confidence and dependability have been fused in this context. We needed to raise NOK 5 billion in fresh capital to carry out our biggest ever acquisition — Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine. In recent years, the company has faced major challenges in terms of ensuring earnings in a market that has been in decline. KONGSBERG presented a reworked business case in which we requested an injection of capital from all existing shareholders. The issue was fully subscribed by the deadline, by a good margin, with the number of people wanting to sign up for the issue actually exceeding capacity. I would describe this as a huge vote of confidence that we have a shareholder base who are willing to participate actively. This means that there are any people out there who believe in us and that is inspiring!