Extreme Performance for Extreme Conditions

KONGSBERG is a leading global technology group, delivering mission-critical solutions to customers operating in extremely challenging environments. Throughout our proud two hundred year history, we have continuously advanced, applying innovative solutions to the needs of our customers, partners and society at large.

Today, we work for organisations across a number of sectors including: deep-sea, digital, defence, merchant marine, oil and gas, fisheries, aerospace and space industries. While our business areas are diverse, our focus is single-minded, we operate as a 11,000 strong team, dedicated to delivering technical excellence, at a world-class level.

Innovation is at the core of our culture, we encourage curiosity, dialogue and exploration. This is how new ideas happen, how we improve performance and how we take our customer’s forward. From cutting-edge design, engineering, to the digital frontier, we see the potential of technology as limitless.

Our Norwegian origins foster a close connection to the sea. We are leading experts in ocean technology, with 80 per cent of our business coming from ocean related solutions. The Yara Birkeland is the world's first fully-electric, completely autonomous container vessel, designed and built by KONGSBEG and YARA. This is just one example, of how we lead with vision and innovation.

KONGSBERG’s engagement in projects from deep sea to space, has given us valuable insights into the environmental challenges around the world. We are committed to resolving climate change and work towards sustainability, in everything we do. By prioritising extreme performance, for extreme conditions, we will safe-guard people and the places they work, for generations to come.