We are known for our drive and our persistence. We work hard to support our customers’ missions and to meet our stakeholders’ expectations. We set ambitious goals where our purpose is to make a difference for people and the planet.

John Raaen has made around 190 trips to Poland over the last ten years in connection with our coastal artillery programme.

What does this value mean to you?

– It’s a little bit of who I am. Once I decide something, I like to see it through. The work must be done properly, and it’s important to give customers the greatest possible satisfaction within the framework that has been established. This involves taking a long-term approach and making good decisions based on the goals that have been set.

– I believe this is something that’s in your soul. It’s our culture. We don’t do things halfway. We prefer to think long-term. After all, we’ve been here for 200 years. We wouldn’t have got this far if we weren’t determined and focused.

– For me, it’s about the process. We’ve been working on two major projects in Poland for the past ten years. It hasn’t always been easy, and it’s at those difficult moments that it’s most important to remember our values. The project in Poland has been challenging from time to time. They have an entirely different working culture, and a strong presence and follow-up is required to get things done.

A story relating to this value

– We’ve invested a lot of effort in Poland. The project is based on two of our most successful products — the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) and the Norwegian Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS). NASAMS forms the basis for the entire command control chain for NSM in this project.

– The Polish market is certainly no more demanding than other markets, but there is a marked cultural difference in the way negotiations are handled and the way in which projects are completed. When we signed the final protocol for the coastal artillery project last autumn, there were 54 signatures on the paper. There was my signature from KONGSBERG and 53 signatures from the customer.

– In a typical meeting with the customer, we’d find ourselves facing around 20 people all asserting their position in the work. This often led to challenging situations. With so many people involved, it’s particularly important to be determined to stay the course.

– I also have to boast a little about the people working in our office in Warsaw. Our Polish colleagues have made enormous efforts at every level of the programme and have been a great help in communicating and interpreting the message, regarding both what was and wasn’t said.

– When the project began, the plan was to have a strong presence in Poland at the start and then work more from Norway. This wasn’t how things turned out. Over the past ten years, I’ve made around 190 trips to Poland. Quite a few of us have spent a lot of time in Poland, working hard to achieve the goals we set. We managed to stay the course and ultimately meet our customer’s expectations. We wouldn’t have managed this without determination.