We have been an industrial pioneer for more than 200 years. On our journey we have always pursued improvements and redefined the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are dynamic by heart and being curious lies in our very core. We constantly strive to create value for our customers, shareholders and the society at large by pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Guro Knapstad believes it is important to share knowledge and to learn from each other to drive innovation and find new solutions.

What does this value mean to you?

– For me, innovation means creating something new, but it’s also about renewing or improving something that already exists. At KONGSBERG, I’ve found that innovation is not only a corporate value but also part of the culture. Being innovative is part of our daily work, something I believe is unique.

– At Kongsberg Digital, we work on the development of new digital solutions for industry. Since I started at KONGSBERG nearly two years ago I’ve spent a lot of time working on what I believe is one of our most exciting innovations: the Dynamic Digital Twin. This is an extremely complex solution that offers many advantages. A digital twin enables real-time monitoring and remote control in settings such as oil platforms. It may also be used for modelling and predicting the future. Among other things, it will give the operator better insight, optimised production and improved safety. It’s very clear that digitalisation and innovation will be extremely important in achieving greater efficiency and improved safety for operators in the future, and here at KONGSBERG we are in a good position to contribute.

A story relating to this value

– Besides working with Digital Twin, I also work on the Techstars Energy Accelerator, a mentor-driven accelerator programme that KONGSBERG operates together with Equinor. I manage this innovation initiative on behalf of KONGSBERG. Each year, we select ten global energy start-ups from among hundreds of applications, and we work closely with these through an intensive three-month programme. Alongside other benefits, this gives us access to an enormous ecosystem of global start-ups and is a source of smart innovations that can complement our own solutions.

– I experienced such a positive, inquisitive and open approach from colleagues in all areas of KONGSBERG towards meeting, exploring and testing whether any of these companies could fit with us when we implemented the first round of the programme in the autumn. I didn’t take such a welcome for granted, and I believe this openness stems from the strong innovation culture. It’s important to have the confidence to open up if innovation is to flourish across all companies, both large and small. We are humble and realise that we can’t discover everything ourselves, and I believe that this opens many doors for us.

– Openness and cooperation are also absolutely pivotal in the Digital Twin solution. Here at Kongsberg Digital, we develop and deliver both the foundations for the twin and various applications to solve assignments and challenges for customers. This can also include working with third parties such as innovative start-ups who may provide their solutions on top of Digital Twin. Such cooperations is extremely important for adding value and continually improving digital solutions; sharing knowledge and learning from each other through cooperation is an important characteristic for success in innovation.