Kongsberg Discovery

The ocean never stands still. And neither does Kongsberg Discovery. Kongsberg Discovery is committed to protecting people and planet by delivering technologies for a secure and sustainable ocean space. 

Ocean Space Sustainability and Surveillance

In a constantly changing market environment, Kongsberg Discovery serves the ocean space, from the deepest sea to outer space. Our business is to continuously develop systems, solutions and products that are key to understanding environmental implications for the ocean ecosystem, and address the complex sustainability challenges the world is facing.

Monitoring critical infrastructure in the ocean space involves systematic and continuous observation of key assets and facilities, including ports, harbors, bridges, dams, energy production assets and communication cables. Kongsberg Discovery has the solutions for this crucial activity, allowing for real-time monitoring and early detection and response to anomalies or disturbances underwater, on the surface, and in the air.

The ocean space is an attractive market with key drivers pointing towards growth. The natural sustainability focus, technology development, autonomous and offshore energy operations and surveillance of critical infrastructure below, on and over the waterline are all growing industry segments.

The Kongsberg Discovery business

Kongsberg Discovery has a long history of providing products, systems, and solutions for commercial and non-commercial customers in the broader Ocean Space, encompassing subsea, offshore, merchant, fishery, naval, onshore and space applications. We are constantly working alongside industry, authorities, institutes, and other key stakeholders to understand the evolving nature of their requirements and needs. With decades of in-house competence and experience, we are a trusted technology partner for our customers.

Our strong technology backbone within hydro acoustics, robotics, inertial navigation, positioning, laser, radar, and communication, blended with deep application know-how and software gives us the insights and drive to develop new products and solutions for our customers to excel and positioning them for a sustainable tomorrow.

Pairing our hardware design and sensor knowledge with intelligent software yields unmatched solutions for multiple areas. The joy of creating is in Kongsberg Discovery's’ DNA.

Kongsberg Discovery Operations

More than 1000 highly skilled and educated employees are hands-on, close, and committed to finding optimal solutions in complex environments, driving value for our customers. We have an agile approach to the latest market developments, and efficient operations to meet changing future needs.

Kongsberg Discovery is globally present with strategically positioned centers of excellence in Canada, USA, EU and Norway, a dedicated network of channel partners, and we are a part of KONGSBERG.

Based on our history of continuous development and improvement, benefiting from opportunities in the intersection between technology, competence and market understanding, we will continue to expand our business.

Kongsberg Discovery is attractively positioned for growth. We are a technology leader within a sustainable and secure ocean space. We have a market leading portfolio of products of strategic importance for our customers, and will capitalize on attractive industry trends and dynamics, benefiting from our established global presence.