Kongsberg Digital

Kongsberg Digital delivers software and solutions, that enable the world's industries to harness the power of digitalisation. Our solutions optimise operations, they help anticipate and protect against future challenges, whilst increasing safety and efficiency. We do this for high-risk operations working in the deep sea, through rough waters, in-land and offshore.

KONGSBERG is a technology powerhouse, and Kongsberg Digital represents the digital spearhead of the organisation. Deep domain knowledge is at the core of our offering. We unlock the value of data for customers within: maritime, oil and gas, renewables, and power supply industries, providing new paradigms. In a fast, moving world, we offer expertise and reliability, helping customers anticipate change, embrace new technologies and work smarter.


KONGSBERG’s software solutions collect high quality data from thousands of industrial assets. We have consolidated our platforms into one cloud-based digital ecosystem, Kognifai. The system combines high quality structured data, technology and domain knowledge to enable rapid generation of insights and innovation.

Kognifai’s technology components, allow clients to capture and aggregate quality data from, sensors, edge devices and control systems. The platform is based on open standards and allows flexibility, scaling, and paves the way for automation and autonomous operations. With Kognifai, we help our customers unlock the value of their data.

Improved energy

We provide the energy industry with solutions and applications, to enable a more data driven business with improved efficiency. Kognifai ensures the full integration of systems and sensors to provide: wind farm owners; oil and gas operators; and the maritime industry, with solutions for comprehensive status-based, and predictive operational systems. These include: real-time performance monitoring; maintenance forecasts; and product optimisation, which improves operational efficiency all-round.

Maritime Simulation

Kongsberg Digital also offers market leading simulator solutions. Ensuring the authentic and thorough training, of personnel and students in the maritime, marine and offshore markets. This provides them with important skills and knowledge, that make real-life operations safer and more cost-effective. In addition, these simulator solutions are used for verification and decision support.

As businesses, partners and countries venture further into the world, seeking new opportunities. The need to ensure the safety of people, and implement sustainable solutions, becomes paramount. Kongsberg Digital is at the forefront of this transformation, ensuring extreme performance for extreme conditions.